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How I Live A Vibrant Life

Living a vibrant life is so much more than what you eat or how much you exercise. I’ve found that striving for balance is what makes me feel my best- it’s what I do MOST days that really matters. When I explore a new city or try out a new restaurant, I enjoy myself and don’t worry too much about what I’m eating or drinking or how much I’m exercising.

That’s the key to a healthy lifestyle- it’s a lifestyle, NOT a strict diet or regime that leaves you miserable and won’t last. A lifestyle is something that becomes so natural to you that you don’t have to think twice about it. Ultimately, you gravitate towards a healthy routine that becomes your lifestyle over time because of how good it makes you feel in mind and body. Small, sustainable changes are key!

Want to start some healthy habits? Here are 5 tips that worked for me:

1. If you want to start running: just START- but start slow! Do a walk/jog, stop when you need, and build up slowly. Over time, you’ll be able to run without thinking about it!

2. If you want to start exercising more consistently: find exercise that YOU like doing. The days of forcing it are over! If you don’t like running, find something else that you love! If you have bad knees, try something less impactful on your joints, like swimming or walking. There are lots of ways to move. This way, you’re less likely to dread it or avoid working out because you’ll be doing something you enjoy.

3. Don’t cut out foods cold turkey. If you’re trying to get healthier and lose some extra weight to feel more energized, start slow with your diet changes. Don’t completely cut out food groups- simply swap slowly for healthier options. Instead of white Wonderbread, try sourdough. Instead of packaged salad dressing, try making one at home. Instead of filling up on chips at a bbq, start with veggies instead. You won’t reach for as many high-calorie snacks that way.

4. Don’t drink your calories! Many people don’t realize the amount of sugar and empty calories in juices and soda. 30g+ of sugar in a bottle of soda is way too much. If you’re craving that fizz, opt for sparkling water flavoured with citrus slices or a splash of fresh juice instead. Choose water as your beverage of choice throughout the day.

5. Don’t forget to stop and ENJOY! Soak in the people, food and experiences around you. The key to living a vibrant life comes from the inside- being happy and feeling fulfilled.

What are some habits that have become part of your lifestyle?

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