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A New Year

Welcome, 2022!

Every new year, I like to reflect back on the year that just ended, and think about what I did well, what made me happy, what I can improve on, and what I want to focus on the coming year. What were your biggest accomplishments last year? What are three big things you can improve on? What brought you the most happiness and joy in 2021?

Next, I like to set some intentions (rather than resolutions) for the year ahead. I prefer intentions because these are transformations to your mindset, thinking and attitudes. This way of approaching your goals is more sustainable, because there is intention behind why you're trying to accomplish those specific goals. This helps to create a long-lasting change to your mindset and habits, which will help you achieve your health goals in a sustainable way.

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make in the New Year is to set huge, unrealistic goals that would be better accomplished gradually. For example, if you don't really work out but decide to set a goal to work out 2 hours every day, you might start to dread your workouts, and probably won't stick to them. Instead, set smaller goals that actually fit into your lifestyle. Maybe that looks like walking outside 3 days a week in the mornings before work, and then gradually building up to a jog 3 days a week. Think about why you want to work on your health and fitness- is it to be able to just be healthier overall, to have more energy, or to feel more confident?

To set intentions for 2022, work in small and sustainable steps. You might decide to set intentions such as:

"This year I intend to move my body more"

"This year I intend to let go of comparing myself with others"

"This year I intend to use more nontoxic products in my home"

"This year I intend to show more appreciation for my health"

Having intention behind your goals is so important to help you stay motivated to achieve them. Find what works for you, and remember that small changes make the biggest impact. Consistency is key! Find what works for you- you'll be more likely to stick with it and transform your small changes into a whole new lifestyle!

I'm wishing you a healthy and balanced 2022- stay tuned for more info on endocrine disruptors, new vibrant recipes, and lifestyle tips coming your way!

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