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Move your body!

I love getting my body moving... it's so important to get outside and add some movement into your day. Not only does it keep your body feeling good, it's amazing for your mind too.

A workout doesn't have to be hours long- some days, a few minutes is better than nothing! Getting moving helps to clear your head, is a great way to take a break from work, and keeps your mind sharp.

One of my favourite things to do is a quick full body circuit. Try this basic one out after your next walk or jog!

  1. Squat pulses: 10x each side

  2. Donkey kicks: 10x each side

  3. Straight leg pulses: 10x each side

  4. Raisers: 10x each side

  5. Sit-ups: 10x

  6. Bicycles: 10x

  7. Side leg lifts: 10x each side

  8. In and out squat jumps: 10x

Repeat the series 2-3 times. Have you been moving!?

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